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By | May 17, 2017

Nox App Player Pokemon GO Latest [Updated]:

Nox App Player Pokemon GO For PC:
Pokemon Go is one of the most popular location-based enhanced reality mobile game today. The game has a lot of users worldwide. Most of users want to play this exciting game on PC and without limitations of features as well as regional restrictions. We bring Nox Player Pokemone Go a fantastic solution to play this game. At the official website explained that this game requires Android KitKat minimum specifications to run Pokemon Go. But with the help of this emulator we can enjoy this game on the big screen of PC. Nox App Player Pokemon GO update

Pokemon GO Nox Player Review:

Pokemone Go Nox Update is also available here with us. The game launched in the result of a partnership with Niantic and Nintendo. It released in some countries in early July 2016. In the game, the player uses the mobile device’s GPS function to locate, capture, train, and fight his virtual creatures, called Pokémon. These virtual characters appear on the screen as the player is in the same real world. Well for those of you who have not been able to install the game without NOX Pokemon GO Apk on your Android or PC should not be discouraged. There are some other ways to play Pokemon GO other than Android phones. You can use Android PC Emulators available best in the market. I have mentioned below few methods are most popular in the days.

  • Nox App Player Pokemon GO.
  • Leapdroid Pokemon GO.
  • Bluestacks Pokemon GO.

Nox Player Pokemone Go

These above are popular Android Emulators most used in these days. But the best to run Pokemon is NOX App Player which is recently updated its features for Pokemon GO APk. Being a Pokemon GO lover i have personally tested and found NOX Player Pokemon Go Download is th best solution. Nox App Player works 100% and runs Android apps very smoothly on the big screen of PC. Yes true, now you can play Pokemon Go directly on your PC. The team of Nox have been released a special version of the Emulator especially for the Pokemon GO game. Just get it download and install on your PC and start playing your favorite Android game. Pokemon Go Game is alreadty installed in the emulator with its upfdated version. You may also download Pokemon Go Apk Hack from below link. You may also like to download UXTheme Patcher 2017 free from here.

Nox App Player Glowing Special Features:

Nox App Player recently introduced lots of amazing features. These features make you feel like a real fantastic Pokemon Go Adventure Game Player:

  • Enhance The Reality Mode: Since the PokemonGO is a complete enhancement of the reality concept game, you can not experience the real world of Pokemon adventure feel from your computer. However, the Nox App Player takes good care of the problem and introduces an “AR” model (enhance the reality) because you will feel the same on your smartphone.
  • Virtual Location: Nox App Player for PokémonGO has a special virtual location feature. This means that directly from your computer you can let your number (game) character move to anywhere in the world and enjoy the discovery of new Pokémon in the area! This is by far the best function.
  • Special Keyboard Controls: To make you feel like a game champion, Nox App Player for Pokemon GO supports W, A, S and D keys instead of normal up, down, right and left arrows. If the keyword control prompt is disturbing, you can click “Save” on the “Keyboard Control” button in the sidebar and turn off the transparency to zero.  Pokemon Go Apk Hack

How To Get Updated Pokemon Go Nox Player For PC Free:

  1. First please download the latest PokemonGO outside PlayStore via below link.
  2. Now run nox app player already installed on your PC, if not get it from below given link.
  3. Run nox player and navigate to system settings.
  4. See in to general section, root option turn on, it will restart by itself once.
  5. Nox App player – now you are in a state of the root mode.
  6. Go for next step to Add Apk.
  7. Locate the downloaded file of PokemonGo.apk.
  8. Run it and wait a moment, It will run Your favorite game.
  9. Done, Enjoy.

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